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Unlike other cleaning concepts Puzer Perfect does not stir up micro-dust during the cleaning process. Stirred up micro dust not only cause users and occupants to breathe in polluted air during the cleaning process, but also long after it. This is because un-removed micro-dust that has been stirred up takes many hours to settle down again.

Puzer Perfect picks up dust and dirty air through the vacuum cleaning hose, removing it from the surroundings. The dirty air is filtered at a remote location and discharge after filtration is done.

● Central Vacuum System
● Contamination Control System
Our breathing is under many harmful material violation!

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Airbone particles include:household dust, mites and insect's secretion, fabric, bacteria and chemical fumes etc are often in large amount found indoor or trap onto surface, harms the healh of the occupants and reduces the lifespan of the electronic equipment.

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With our naked eye, the air we breathe may not seem as polluted. Put it under a 1000x magnification, we will see tiny creatures floating around in the air which we are highly susceptible to breathe in. At Puzer, we are able to keep your breathing path as clear as possible, avoiding all possibility of endangering ourselves to these thiny creatures. The following chart shows the visibility of the polluted air.
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