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Solid waste material generated from commercial, residential sources is becoming a concern in our daily life now. The rate of recycling solid waste increases drastically over past few decades while land filling is still the common practice in most countries. This brings along social and economic problems which poses threats to the environment.

Puzer has myriad of solid waste conveying solutions to offer our customer to create a more economically viable and socially acceptable systems to seek sustainable future.
Puzer Protect System
Puzer Protect offers a secure and reliable method for company to discard their unwanted waste such as draft documents, printings and faxing which contains confidential and important information. The system shreds waste into tiny pieces and sucked it away through pipes at high speed, created by strong suction power of a vacuum system. The mixed shredded paper is later compacted into pulp which makes it impossible for classified information from being accessed or leaked to outside parties.
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According to SEPA, Beijing waste paper recycling companies, Beijing mills statistics show that:
Chinese imports of paper pulp a year amount to $ 5.6 billion, ranked second in the world pulp imports.

China's annual consumption of about 35 million tons of paper. Beijing, for example: every year 1.1 million tons of waste paper produced, the actual recycling is only 10 million tons, less than 10% utilization.

Recycling one ton of office paper, saves: 3 cubic timber (about three 30-year adult tree) 100 tons of water; 300 kg of raw chemicals; 1.2 tons of coal 600 kWhWith
recycling waste paper collecting at 800 -1200 RMB per ton, and basing on collected 20 tons of waste paper per year , 30 years of recycling will constitute 720,000 RMB
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