Puzer Perfect - Central Vacuum System

Unlike other cleaning concepts, Puzer Perfect does not stir up micro-dust during the cleaning process. Stirred up micro dust not only cause users and occupants to breathe in polluted air during the cleaning process, but also long after it. This is because un-removed micro-dust that has been stirred up takes many hours to settle down again

We are a member of IAQA and our central vacuum system is adopted the same technique / design parameters used to maintain the Cleanliness of Wafer Fab's Clean room. Cleanroom air is clean and recycled to ensure maintain the Air Quality within the Clean Room.

Therefore, it especially useful to maintain the indoor air quality of buildings that try to optimize HVAC (Air Conditioning) Energy by optimizing the use of more Return Cold Air within the building.

With Puzer Perfect Central Vacuum System:

  • It cuts down the cleaning time in order to have clean space;
  • Increases the work efficiency as well as productivity;
  • It easy to use, light and flexible;
  • Quieter than portable vacuum cleaner;
  • Great for people with allergies;
  • Able to enjoy your time with family;
  • Breathe in clean air and have a better sleep;
  • Save storage space
Feel The Difference

With Puzer Perfect Central Vacuum System at Home and at Work