Dental Vacuum System

Puzer Dental system provides suction for the removal of fluids and suspended residue from oral cavities during operative and other dental procedures. It offers a wide scale of vacuum solutions designed to serves from small dental clinic to large facility where demand of vacuum are abnormally heavy. The complete system comes with components sized to serve the common requirements comprises of vacuum unit, wet separator and antibacterial filter

For health care and research facilities such as life science research hub, safety is an issue that should not be compromised. Hydrophobic filters are used to minimize the potential contamination of vacuum pumps. Stringent decontamination mechanism must be designed and be approved by the facility safety personnel.


  • It provides the most efficient, hygienic and reliable services for such dental purpose;
  • It could double up to upkeep the facility, combining with our Central Vacuum Cleaning, which clean up to 3.4 times more effective than any known portable vacuum cleaners.