District Pneumatic Waste Conveying System (DPWCS)

Revolutionizing Waste Management: Embrace the Future with Smart Solutions

Introducing the District Pneumatic Waste Conveying System (DPWCS), a groundbreaking approach to municipal waste transportation. This innovative system redefines the very concept of waste collection, utilizing the power of pneumatic waste conveyance technology to transport refuse efficiently to a central collection station. This next-generation method harnesses negative pressure to create a swift-moving air current within a well-designed piping network, effortlessly transporting bagged waste from multiple points to a central hub.

From Fluids to Solid Waste: A Paradigm Shift in Conveyance

Traditionally, pipes were reserved for conveying liquids, gases, and fluids. However, the relentless pursuit of innovation has transformed this perception. Engineers dared to reimagine the possibilities, pushing the boundaries to achieve the conveyance of solid waste through pipes using vacuum suction. What was once deemed impossible became a reality, culminating in the creation of the Pneumatic Waste Conveying System (PWCS).

Innovation in Action: Creating a Cleaner, Smarter Environment

This pioneering system epitomizes the spirit of integration and progress. The smart waste collection concept at the heart of PWCS heralds a new era of waste management. By transporting solid waste through a pipe network, spillage concerns become a thing of the past. The benefits are manifold: heightened hygiene, diminished waste odors, reduced pest infestation, and improved overall efficiency. Manual labor requirements are drastically cut, bolstering productivity. Moreover, the system's adaptability facilitates segmented waste storage at the touch of a button, promoting efficient recycling efforts and catering to diverse refuse types.

How it Works?

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Elevating Waste Management: Advantages at a Glance

  • DPWCS guarantees a hygienic, silent, and efficient collection process.
  • Odor containment within the system enhances the environment.
  • Pest infestation and waste spillage are significantly curbed.
  • Service radius extends up to 1500 meters, catering to diverse developments.
  • Manual labor demands decrease, fostering heightened productivity.
  • Waste segregation becomes a seamless digital operation.
  • Recycling initiatives thrive with enhanced efficiency.

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Data Collection facilitate Policy Setting

PV District Pneumatic Waste Conveying System automatically collect data over time to better understand the waste profile of the area it serve and enhance collection transfer efficiency such as :-

  • General Waste & Recyclables produced at each collection point is captured in Volume. This give an insight to the waste profile of the residents.
  • Refuse Container Status in term of volume stored within allow for Just-In-Time transfer of waste container to disposal facility increasing waste collection efficiency and reduce unnecessary waste truck trips.
  • It allows constant monitoring of the whole District Pneumatic Waste Conveying System and maintenance personnel areactivated as and when issue is detected.

Waste Collected at each Discharge Valve Room Monitoring Using SCADA System

Waste Volume Monitoring Using SCADA System

SCADA System Overview

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