Paper Waste System-Puzer Protect

Many individuals invest significant sums of money in safeguarding their electronic data from hackers, often overlooking the fact that outdated technology such as shredders is insufficient in deterring conventional espionage activities.

In the corporate realm, security must be approached holistically rather than compartmentalized. Therefore, regardless of the extensive efforts made to protect digital data, failure to appropriately dispose of hard copies renders all such attempts futile. This deficiency arises from the neglect of hard copy data protection, which is often not given the same comprehensive attention as its digital counterpart. Moreover, hard copy disposal represents the weakest link in a company's security system, as it is the most easily accessible form of information. As technology rapidly evolves, new methods of information storage emerge, necessitating security measures that do not impede technological advancements.

While the aspiration to live in a paperless world persists, numerous sectors still require the printing of hardcopy confidential documents for documentation and filing purposes. Consequently, maintaining the confidentiality of such information has become an additional concern for those who possess these valuable assets.

Are you aware of the correlation between the Different Shredder Security Levels and the size of paper shreds? 

As of the year 2018, there exist a total of seven distinct shredder security levels, denoted as levels P-1 (Starting From the Top - paper shreds form can be easily reconstructed) up to P-7 (The Pinnacle of Protection - providing maximum security). The letter "P" signifies the usage of paper-based materials, and each P level corresponds to a different size of paper shred. When deciding on the method of shredding your documents, it is crucial to take into account the size of the paper shreds. The size of the shreds has an impact on information security and potentially the cost of the service.

With Puzer Protect, Puzer's Shredder guarantees the safeguarding of the entire security infrastructure, alleviating all concerns. We possess the capability to tailor the system according to the customer's requirements for the paper shred size, based on the document protection class and security level, commencing from security level P-3 and beyond.

With Puzer Protect, Puzer's Shredder ensures that the entire security infrastructure remains protected and will put an end to all your worries. We are able to customise the system basedon customer's requirement for the paper shred size according to the document protection class and security level given which is starting from the security level P-3 and above.


  • Provides the most comprehensive and secure means of disposing of your documents in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Enables office waste paper to be disposed of securely and conveniently, facilitating recycling.
  • The system is user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Saves valuable office space by storing all paper shreds in a central station within the building and compacting them.
  • Capable of performing bulk shredding.
  • Promotes a clean working environment.
  • Instills confidence in others.

The Puzer Protect System Concept

Puzer's Shredder VS Individual Shredder

Puzer's Shredder
  • Waste paper disposed in a secured way as paper shreds stored in a central station with limited person access.
  • With our central vacuum system installed together with the shredder, shredded paper is disposed into a central station through different ource of location. Thus, it is difficult to source and reconstruct the document back to its original type especially for those confidential documents.
  • Easy to handle and dispose for the paper waste as the system able to monitor through full level sensor.
Individual Shredder unit
  • Waste paper disposed but not in secure way as everyone able to access the shredded paper waste bin.
  • Shredded paper disposed only to the shredder paper waste bin where everyone able to access. It is much more easier for the document to be sourced and reconstruct back to its original type.
  • Have to dispose the waste from time to time as only small storage space.
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