Tengah PA

  • Project Name: Design, Built, Operate & Maintenance of District PWCS at Tengah PA (C1, C5 & C6)
  • Country: Singapore;
  • Project Status: On-going;
  • Project commenced in end of the year of 2019
  • Tengah will be Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town, with green features and smart technologies. The key features of Tengah will revolve around nature and the community, to create an endearing town where future residents can experience being “At Home with Nature”.
  • A District Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (DPWCS) is designed and built for this project in order to ensure that Tengah is well equipped to meet the technological needs of a Smart and Sustainable Town.
  • This project covered a total of: - Dwelling Units: 3,430 ; - Residential Blocks: 34 ; - Total Pipe Length: 4,000m; - Total Waste Volume: 91,860 litres/day; - Waste Fraction: 2 (General Waste and Recyclable Waste)
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