Brunei National Cancer Hospital

Project Name: Design, Built, Operate & Maintain of Linen Collection System at Brunei National Cancer Hospital, Brunei

  • This is a 14-storey buildings and this project completed in 1st quarter 2017.
  • System features: a) Soiled linen is dispersed on each level via the Puzer Cellulose Fibre Vertical Chute & its Integrated Interlocking Control Linen Doors. b) This system consists of cleaning and disinfection system.
  • The Integrated Interlocking Control Linen Doors has the features as follow: i) It is only allowed authorised user to access the linen door by scanning the magnetic card provided / issued. ii) The Interlocking System allows only one linen door to be opened at a time. iii) the linen door is interlocked when the system is in use, during cleaning or maintenance. iv) Linen door buzzer will be activated when door was left open after pre-determined time period.
  • Benefits of the system: A) Enables user to transfer soiled linen to a centralised linen sorting room. B) Reduces the possibility of cross infection within the environment and making the linen collection process very hygienic, clean, silent and efficient.