Waste Segregation System - Puzer Xmit

Puzer Xmit is a waste management system that is fully integrated into building infrastructure and compatible with your daily lifestyle. This system is waste-sorting made simple. Discarding waste into receptacles unobtrusively built into common areas where people would find most convenient to dispose different kinds of waste, be it at home, at work or public places. All you need to do is to dispose rubbish the way you always do, and Puzer Xmit will take care the rest for you. It's that easy

With Puzer Xmit:

  • Waste segregation and recycling made easy and effective as waste is classified at the point of disposal not after disposal;
  • Save cost as there is no additional costs needed to separate them into different categories;
  • There is no hassle of accumulating trash, thus environment becomes hygienic and clean;
  • Makes trash invisible, odourless, hygienic yet also user friendly;

With Puzer Xmit, you can do your part in conserving the environment without changing your lifestyle...

Enjoy total hygiene & convenience of waste management with Puzer Xmit